1st Hole

Number 1 is a short, par-4 dogleg to the right. Don’t even think about cutting the corner here.

There are several menacing bunkers and trees to the right, some are hidden and some are visible.

The best angle to approach the green is from the left center of the fairway. The green is long, narrow, and well guarded by bunkers.

2nd Hole

This is the longest hole at Shadow Ridge—almost 600 yards from the black double diamond tees.

Danger lurks on the second shot, with a lake on the right and bunker on the left. Being on the correct tier will be a premium on this well-contoured green.

3rd Hole

This hole is a cute little Par 3. It is not long, but requires a solidly struck iron to find the shallow green. This hole is reminiscent of the 12th hole at Augusta, but is a little more forgiving.

4th Hole

There are a couple of options here off the tee. You can play a shorter club to the right, or take your driver over the right corner of the left bunker to shorten the hole.

It is not a long hole, but your second shot must be carried all the way to the flag. Believe me, if you’re short here, you’ll have a very difficult uphill chipshot or putt.

5th Hole

This is one of the most difficult holes at Shadow Ridge. The long, dogleg left, par-4 demands a solid drive in the fairway.

You are left with a medium or long iron to a green tucked next to our fishing lake on the left.

Do not bail out right; a big swale makes for a difficult pitch It is named “Southwind” because when the wind is strong out of the South, forget it!

6th Hole

As a moderate length, par-4, this hole was one of the most difficult to design at Shadow Ridge because of the severe preexisting grade. Your tee shot must carry a large depression in order to reach the fairway.

Favoring the right side will give you the best approach to this slightly elevated green, guarded on the left by a bunker.

7th Hole

This long par-5 starts with a spectacular downhill tee shot, framed by a thick grove of trees on the right and two large bunkers left.

Your second shot is again downhill to a small green which can be partially hidden by a leaning elm tree.

8th Hole

The 8th is a slightly uphill, par-3, which can play as long as 245 yards from the back tees to the back pin placement you will play to one of the largest greens on the course. Take your par and run!

9th Hole

The best way to play this hole is to hit it long and straight. This is the longest par-4 on the course at 474 yards from the black double diamond tees. You must avoid the two deep bunkers on the right side of the fairway.

The long second shot is played downhill to a well contoured green, guarded by bunkers on the right and behind. You’ve finished the front nine, and since you’re right next to the clubhouse, stop in, get a quick bite to eat, some liquid refreshment, and prepare for the back nine!

10th Hole

This is a fairly easy hole to start the back nine with a generous fairway that narrows severely at about 260 yards from the back tee. Be careful! The creek on the right can easily come into play with a south wind. The tee shot should be played to the left side of the fairway, but short of the fairway bunker.

The approach shot is played to the largest green on the course, but a back right pin placement may bring the water precariously close.

11th Hole

This is a long, downhill par-4, played most often into the prevailing south wind. Your tee shot is played to the crest of the hill The main feature of the hole is a spectacular downhill second shot to a large green with the lake wrapping around to the right and back of the green.

The idea here is to aim the second shot to the left center of the green, 2-putt for par, and happily move on to the next hole.

12th Hole

This is the second shortest of the par-5’s. After a well hit drive, you will be playing the odds on your second shot. Trouble on the tee shot arises from two well placed bunkers on the right. The small green is protected by the creek in front.

13th Hole

This picturesque par 3 measuring 156 yards from the back tees.   The creek in front has been widened and can swallow a mis-hit shot to a front pin placement and the green is guarded by bunkers on the front left and right sides.  The bunker in the middle of the green is surrounded by bent grass to allow for golfers to putt between any two points on the green using the contours of the bunker complex.

14th Hole

It is decision time when you stand on this tee. With the prevailing south wind, a driver here can get you home. A calculating gambler might opt for an iron off the tee since the fairway narrows severely, with water to the right and bunkers to the left.

15th Hole

It is a long, long way to Tiparary, and it may be even longer to the 15th green at Shadow Ridge. This hole is 454 yards from the double diamond black tees, uphill, and into the prevailing wind.

It is not over when you get to this tricky little green. Take solace in the fact there are no bunkers on this hole!

16th Hole

This moderate length, par-5 can change drastically, depending on the wind direction. With the prevailing south wind, it is reachable in two. With a north wind, the elevated tee can make the drive a harrowing experience.

There is hidden water lurking to the right on the tee shot and second shot. The second shot is partially blind, with only the top half of the flag being visible over the two fairway bunkers on the left.

17th Hole

Hole 17 Green Complex was rebuilt in 2017,  adding dramatic undulation to the green and bringing the entire putting surface closer to the water.   Bent grass flashes up onto the hill behind the green allowing for long shots to feed back onto the putting surface and a large bunker protects the front side of the hole.

18th Hole

The fairway on this moderate length, par-4 is defined by the fairly deep bunker on the right, and the grove of ash trees on the left. Hitting the fairway will be the key here, as any player in the rough will probably have to lay up left of the water.

The second shot is over water to one of the most contoured greens on the course. After this hole, you are going to have to stop for refreshments.